Antiaging genocosmetics

Reading DNA is to understand our beauty now and how it will be in the future

About 1500 genes are involved in the skin aging process

The future of cosmetics

PRIMA-DERM is a pioneering company in cosmetics, and thanks to its many skin genetic studies, it has been able to define what each skin needs with a view to securing optimum results.

In our laboratories we have developed the most complete, sophisticated and effective formulas to respond to the main aesthetic concerns about skin: wrinkles, stains, flaccidity, sensitivity and vitality.

The future of cosmetics has arrived and it is called dermGO: exclusive genocosmetic treatments that act upon the root of the problem.

The dermGO formula

Precise formulas that act upon the origin of different genetic alterations to afford prevention and maintain the beauty of each skin.

The dermGO formula combines three types of cosmetic active ingredients:

Natural growth factors

Growth factors decrease with age, and their capacity to restore skin quality diminishes.

These messenger molecules act upon specific cell receptors that trigger a signaling cascade which in turn activates the natural skin repair mechanisms.

Their purpose is to rejuvenate the skin.

Biotechnological extracts

Certain organisms and microorganisms have developed a series of molecular pathways and biochemical compounds that allow them to survive under extreme conditions, such as for example high salinity, extreme temperatures, a lack of water, radiation, etc.

These compounds that have allowed them to adapt to extreme conditions, have been found to be excellent cosmetics thanks to their antiaging effects by capturing water from the surroundings, neutralizing free radicals, or stimulating our own biochemical mechanisms.

Biomimetic peptides

Peptides are molecules formed by the binding of several amino acids. They are present in nature and are responsible for many functions in our skin.

These molecules reactivate the activity of certain skin cells, restoring their correct function and thereby affording a more healthy and young skin.

A unique texture


An excellent texture that guarantees and enhances the effectiveness of the formula.

  • A rich and sophisticated emulsion that on coming into contact with the skin transforms into a serum, releasing the “active heart ingredients” of its formula.
  • Potent like a serum.
  • With the hydrating power of a cream.
  • Fast absorption.
  • Adapts to all types of skin.

In dermGO we offer exclusive genocosmetic treatments adapted to each type of skin, in order to obtain the best results.

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